AAAE and ACI-NA Conferences

AAAE Airport Law Workshop

October 17-19, 2021 | Washington, DC
Airport Law Home (

Katie Van Heuven, Partner, Kaplan, Kirsch & Rockwell LLP
Barbie Schalmo, AICP, Associate Director, C&S Companies

Understanding Airline Use and Lease Agreements (Basics)
The negotiating of use and lease agreements with airlines is one of the most important, and difficult, tasks for an airport lawyer. The structure and length of airline leases have both changed significantly in the last few years. This session explores strategy for negotiation of use and lease agreements with airlines at commercial airports. Attendees can expect information on the legal parameters under which airport negotiations occur and the strategies airlines and others have used in such negotiations. Panelists share best practices for negotiations and address the key legal issues that airport proprietors face in negotiations. This session also explores the circumstances in which the option of rates-by-ordinance is a useful negotiation tool.

ACI-NA National Conference

November 6-9, 2021 | Reno, NV
2021 Annual Conference & Exhibition – Airports Council International – North America

Airport Land Use Issues
The FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 included a provision (Section 163) limiting FAA’s jurisdiction over the acquisition, use, and disposal of airport land, and over the development of airport facilities. The panel will explore challenges that airports are experiencing with FAA’s implementation of Section 163, including project delays, and will provide good practices for airport attorneys.